5 Best Websites to Search People’s Information Anonymously

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Having platforms that can help you get more information about people is excellent. You don’t need several search engines to keep seeking more information. If you have to verify the data using the same methods, that will take a lot of time.

If you have a new neighbor, you can learn more about them using people’s search sites. They help gather details from different databases and bring them to you as a report.

The same applies to old friends or relatives you have not met in a while. Here are the five best websites that will aid in faster searching people’s information. What you will realize is that in all, the process is quite simple, and no one will know.

Top 5 People Search Websites

Do you want to stay unnoticed as you peruse people’s information? Here are the five websites that will help you stay anonymous as you know more.

True People Search Fast

True People Search Fast is known for giving you a detailed report about an individual. Those who have used it know it is also fast when delivering the details. Why? Because everything is web-based here and you don’t need to sign up.

You can use a few details about the individual to know the rest. Under the people search, you can use the name only to get what you need. Once you hit the Start Search button, the site delivers a report within 30 seconds. It’s downloadable too!

Apart from speed, you get detailed information about the person. Personal details will comprise the full name, age, and other data that helps in identification. Do you want to know where the individual schooled and worked?

Such history is available once you use True People Search Fast. More to that includes the social accounts, felonies committed, and the current residential address. The website produces a wealth of information, which can help you dig for more.

For example, the people search will give you the address and other data if you have the name. You can use the address to tell more about the geography and demographics around the area. The address can also tell you more about the property.

If you get the contact, you can use that to search the ownership and what else is missing. Other types of searches here include email lookup and dedicated background checks.


You can also rely on BeenVerified to get more details about the hardly known people. It’s a small search engine full of data that can tell you something about the anonymous. It will also give you the data anonymously.

Why? Because like True People Search Fast, it will not track your information. The other party will also not know that you have been researching about them. There are millions of records from different sources that you can leverage.

A people’s search on the website is easy once you have the name. You can also use their email address, phone number, or address to gather more details. The results include the contact information, addresses, and background reports.

The search here is, however, not free. Furthermore, you will also need an account to proceed and get the report. The fees are affordable, though, and after the payment, you get more accurate information.

The best part is that there are no narrow searches once you subscribe to a plan.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate boasts more than 1.4 million searches, and it’s still counting. Do you ever know when these searches happen? No, because Instant Checkmate knows how to keep things confidential.

So, if you are searching for someone’s background information, they will not know about it. Many names have already been fed on the small search engine, and there are results. Instant Checkmate will show you everything attached to the name.

You can also use the phone number for a reverse lookup. More to the website include checking criminal records and inmate searches. So, if someone should be serving time or has done it, the platform will help you get the information.

The report will include personal information, education background, working places, and social accounts. The felonies committed will also be there, and the current address too.

Like in most accounts, you must sign up for a smooth service. You must subscribe to a plan if you also need unlimited searches.


Intelius is another platform with a wealth of information about people. You can depend on it to tell you who your neighbor is or an old friend. As you do so, the research remains anonymous.

The website also proceeds to encrypt the searches with 256-bit encryption. There are limited searches for the free mode. So, if you need to switch to unlimited, there are paid plans.

The people search here involves using the first and last names. You can also filter by entering the city and choosing the state. Other ways to search for the records can involve the address and the phone number.

The results include all the personal details, their current residence, and what they have achieved. There are also arrest warrants, convictions, and traffic tickets. So, it all depends on what the individual has on record.

There is accurate information to peruse here once you perform the search. The website will never tell about your inquiries, and you can get the reports anytime. All you need is an internet-enabled device to access the platform.


Lastly, Spokeo has made searching for people’s information easier than thought. There is one input field on the main page. You can use it to explore the name, phone number, address, or email.

The report you get may require payment before release, but the process is quite fast. Spokeo has helped many know who the strangers they meet are. Others have utilized it to research old friends and lost relatives.

So, once you enter the name or that minor detail you have, Spokeo will fetch the rest for you. It is connected to numerous databases that contain millions of records from across all the US states.

That allows it to give the full personal details that include a photo or a mugshot. The address information, work details, felonies, and social platforms will also be available.

You need an account to get the details. However, there are billions of records to leverage once you set up and feed the name to the input. Like the websites reviewed above, the search is always anonymous. You can also find as much as you need.


It’s not okay if someone knows you have been looking at their profile online. So, the five people search websites will help you stay anonymous if you want to remain unnoticed. There is also a lot of information to get from such platforms.

If you need a quick and free search without limitations, try out True People Search Fast. There are more ways to get someone’s information starting with the name. You will get the report in a few minutes, and nothing will trace back to you.


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