5 Best Installment Loans for Bad Credit in 2022

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Is your credit score less than 579? Would you like still access a huge loan? One to maybe repair your house or fix a car breakdown? An installment loan might be the best option if you urgently need money.

Installment loans are unsecured sums of money that are borrowed and repaid monthly. Unfortunately, not all lenders are willing to lend you money with bad credit.

Luckily, there are free websites with lenders willing to offer you loans. However, choosing the right website can be a bit overwhelming. So, we have summed up a list that you can use to access genuine online lenders.


iPaydayLoans is the first website that links lenders to borrowers. The website offers various types of loans, and bad credit Installment loans are on the list. Understanding why the website reached the top of our list is not rocket science.

There are various reasons why iPaydayLoans is the first one. For one, the application and approval process is very fast. You only fill in a short online form and wait for the money to be sent to your account.

Moreover, iPaydayLoans only links you to genuine lenders offering friendly repayment terms. You must have an active bank account and an identification card while applying. A stable source of income and your contact details are also needed.

Once you acquire the loan, you can pay it back in installments. What iPaydayLoans considers is your income and ability to pay. So, your bad credit will not deter you from getting a suitable lender once you submit information on the website. 

So, if you are looking for any payday loans no credit check, you should consider iPaydayLoans.


Next on our list is CocoLoan. There are various reasons why you need to rely on it highly. Firstly, you enjoy convenience since the application process only takes a few minutes. You can apply for the loan in the comfort of your home.

Secondly, the website connects you with genuine lenders offering bad-credit-friendly installment loans. So your bad credit score should not be a limiting factor. Moreover, CocoLoan offers 24-hour customer service support.

So, if you get stuck while using the website, you can reach out to the able team. Are you worried about your data getting hacked online? Well, the website has highly invested in its security system.

No hacker can access the data you share with CocoLoan. Lastly, there are no hidden charges. The amount you repay is what you agree on with your lender.


The third option on our list is WeLoans. The eligibility criteria are very basic. You only need to have an active bank account and a stable source of income. Also, an identification card is vital.

As much as lenders on this website offer bad credit installment loans, they check your debt-to-income ratio. The ratio helps them determine the amount of loan you qualify to get.

However, repaying borrowed loans on time increases your credit score. Lenders on WeLoans offer flexible repayment terms, so you don’t strain while repaying. 


Haven’t you found the right website to use yet? We still have the fourth option. The application process on FastTitleLoans is also swift. One that you can do in the comfort of your home too.

Upon application, the approval process takes a short while. Tip, ensure you provide truthful information to avoid delays in the approval process. FastTitleloans runs background checks before approving loans.

So, false data may cause delays in approvals. Besides that, the website has highly invested in its security system. The data you upload on the website is secure.


Last but not least, we have USBadCreditLoans. Just like the other websites, USBadCreditLoans links you to online lenders. The website doesn’t run background checks when offering installment loans with bad credit. 

Your data is safe since the website uses high-security systems. Furthermore, the approval process is fast; hence you experience quick funding. 

How to Choose Installment Loans for Bad Credit

You still have some homework to do when borrowing a bad credit installment loan. Blindly Choosing a loan might lead to more debts. The reason is that you might be unable to repay it.

Below we will guide you through factors to consider before accepting a loan offer. 

Check the Repayment Plan

Ensure you carefully read the repayment plan before applying for a loan. This way, you will understand how long it will take to repay the loan. Additionally, you will know how much interest your loan will incur.

Besides that, check whether the lender supports early repayment plans. Some lenders do penalize borrowers who repay before the agreed periods.

Once you have such information at the tips of your hands, you can choose the right lender.

Consider Your Financial Need

Before signing any loan, ensure that it matches your financial needs. For instance, if you only need $500 to settle a hospital bill, then choosing $5000 will not be wise. Remember, failing to repay your loan may lead to a poorer credit score.

You might not be able to repay a $5000 loan, So go for the one that only suits your needs.

Check Online Reviews and Ratings

Lastly, take a few minutes to run a background check before signing a deal. Research online and see what other borrowers had to say about the said lender. What duration do they take to process their loans?

Checking how reliable and fast their customer service is, is also essential. Bad reviews and ratings mean that the lender is a no go zone.  

Hidden Charges

Ask your lender to state all the charges that your loan might incur. Additionally, scrutinize all the data provided by the lender. For instance, the late repayment charges your loan might incur.

Such information can help you when choosing a lender.


Consider these five websites if you need a bad credit installment loan. They are all free and offer a fast approval process. Besides that, the application process is very fast.

So you can trust them in times of financial need. However, ensure you read the terms of engagement before choosing a lender. Some lenders may have unfriendly terms of engagement, like high-interest rates.

Lastly, if you haven’t decided which website to go for, you can start with iPaydayLoans.


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