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5 Benefits of a Low Student-Teacher Ratio

5 Benefits of a Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Choosing an educational institute is one of the most vital facets of being a parent. Many parents assess school options when relocating because they know these are the most important days of their child’s life. Exceptional learning at early levels of education means that students receive the guidance they need on core concepts that they’ll use for the rest of their professional and personal lives. 

Parents may assess school costs, location, and course offerings when deciding which school is best for their child. However, one very important factor that plays a role in student performance is how many students are in each class. Regardless of how qualified the teacher is, it’s next to impossible for them to provide the needed attention to each student if they’re teaching many at once. On average, the student-to-teacher ratio in the United Kingdom is 17 pupils to 1 teacher, with primary schools going as high as 21 pupils. These figures have only grown over the years, showcasing how necessary it is for a platform that allows teachers to give the attention students need to succeed.


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Each child learns at their own pace, so it’s easy for students to fall behind in their studies.

Because of this, many parents are now opting for online homeschooling for children to receive the individualised attention they need. Cambridge Home School Online provides quality British education for students in Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, IGCSEs, and A Level. With over 20 years of experience providing online education to students worldwide, we’ve been lauded for our low student-teacher ratio. Here’s why this is so important for your child’s growth:

Individualised Attention

One-on-one attention is crucial for classroom performance as it allows teachers to focus on student’s strengths and weaknesses rather than correcting classroom behaviours. British education is designed to be interconnected, with one topic helping students learn the ones after. If student queries are not addressed then and there, it will make it difficult for them to learn the course fully and receive poor grades through no fault of their own. 

The best way to assess whether a school can teach its students adequately is by checking student performance. Cambridge Home School Online, for instance, has boasted exceptional grades for students over the years. In 2021, over 80% of its students achieved A* and A grades in their A Level examinations, receiving offers and scholarships from some of the world’s most acclaimed higher education institutes.

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Classes Led by Subject-Specialist Teachers

In classrooms with higher student-teacher ratios, many instructors appoint teacher’s assistants to guide you with various aspects of the course. Rather than going to qualified subject-specialist teachers, students are taking their concerns and queries to someone not qualified to address them as best as they should.

Through a lower student-teacher ratio, Cambridge Home School Online not only employs MA/PhD/MSc-qualified teachers, the number of students we allocate to each teacher means they receive the attention they need to excel. 

Greater Student Involvement

Providing students with a platform to speak up and be confident in their skills and abilities is one of the primary facets of education in the early years. Having a classroom environment that prioritises communication and feedback, students are more inclined to speak up and discuss aspects of their education. This helps them develop a need to learn more about the course and apply it to the world around them. 

A classroom with multiple students cannot provide two-way communication between students and teachers the same way as one with a lower student-teacher ratio. Cambridge Home School Online prides itself on an open environment where students are encouraged to ask questions and challenge their curiosity. Our sessions are designed with student involvement in mind, where they are prompted to ask questions.

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Personalised Feedback

A classroom that encourages open communication between students and teachers allows for greater opportunities to help the former grow and understand their weaknesses better. Appraising student performance and providing feedback to help them address their shortcomings can play a vital role in helping them perform better in class and understand how to take constructive criticism at a young age. 

Cambridge Home School Online values feedback greatly; we hold three parent-teacher meetings each year to assess your child’s performance and keep you in the loop on the various initiatives we’re taking to ensure they have the resources they need to perform well.

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Inviting Classroom Culture and Social Benefits

A smaller classroom size means students are more inclined to make friends, with the whole classroom moving as one unit through the course year, helping each other along the way and ensuring that no child is left behind.

These social perks are highly beneficial for students, helping them develop cues and become more confident in the long term. Cambridge Home School Online lays great emphasis on developing soft skills. By studying through online homeschooling, students have more time for extracurricular activities. Our team of supportive teachers and counsellors also promotes self-acceptance and a strong support system.

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Enrol Your Child in Online Homeschooling with Cambridge Home School Online

With student-teacher ratios on the rise throughout the UK, it’s no wonder that students are underperforming at school and unable to make the most of their formative years. Online school provides an opportunity for students to study from some of the best subject-specialist teachers, regardless of where they are in the world.

Cambridge Home School Online provides quality British education for students in Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, IGCSEs, and A Levels. Our platform allows students to receive quality British education with an emphasis on providing students with the individualised attention they need at this stage to master their field of study. 

We focus on helping students excel in their studies through multiple audio-visual resources and a faculty of MA/PhD/MSc certified teachers. We additionally focus greatly on helping students have a healthy school-life balance.

With a schooling system increasing its student-teacher ratio with each passing school year, contact Cambridge Home School Online today to learn more about the features we provide to help your child excel.

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The author holds over 15 years of teaching and school management experience in some of the more reputed O and A Level schools in London. She has been associated with Cambridge Home School Online for three years.

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