10 Ways to do Laser Hair Removal After-Care. What do Doctors Suggest?

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Laser hair removal in Delhi and Ludhiana is one of the most effective methods of hair removal in which laser light is used to damage the hair follicle pigment which inhibits future hair growth. The laser beam penetrates the follicle, and the hair root is destroyed by the heat. It is one of the very few methods which provide long-lasting results, and it also protects the skin from getting ingrown hair.

Laser hair treatment is practically painless and there may be minimal to no side effects if the treatment is done by an expert. The doctors and therapists at AAYNA clinic located in Delhi and Ludhiana have been providing leading services in laser hair reduction treatments for over 10 years. It is imperative to only get laser hair reduction treatment from a skin specialist experienced in performing it so that any kind of discomfort can be avoided. To protect the upper layer of the skin from the laser heat, cooling agents are applied beforehand. The aftereffect of the treatment is feeling a bit sunburnt in the target area. The hair on the target area will start to shed following a few weeks and multiple sessions are required for the treatment to give the most effective results. Many people mayot know about the aftercare required to be followed post the treatment.

There may be minor side effects on the skin after the treatment. With the right post-care, you will not only be avoiding any kind of irritation on the skin, but you will also be getting the desired results with long-lasting effects.

Here are 10 ways to care for your skin after Laser Hair Removal Delhi and Ludhiana:

  1. Avoid getting direct sun exposure for a week to the target area and apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 or SPF 50, even when indoors. This is because the hair removal process may not work at its full capacity with UV rays exposure.
  2. Avoid tanning beds or any other tanning products for a week after the laser hair reduction treatment as it may damage the skin.
  3. There may be minor irritation or redness on the skin after the hair removal session, to soothe the irritated skin, it is best to apply aloe vera gel or ice packs to the target area. The ice should never be applied directly to the skin as it may cause more damage than good.
  4. Avoid hot water baths as they may cause dryness or blistering. It is best to take a cool shower in summers and lukewarm water baths in winters for a week after the laser treatment.
  5. To avoid dryness after laser hair reduction, a mild moisturizer can be applied to the skin to gently heal the skin. The moisturizer must be non-comedogenic to avoid any clogged pores on the skin.
  6. Avoid any kind of heat for a few days post-treatment like sunbathing, steam bath, and intense exercise as it may cause irritation to the skin. Excess heat can not only cause irritation but may also lead to discoloration, pigmentation, blistering, or infection.
  7. Avoid waxing, threading, or plucking on the target area between the laser hair removal sessions, Shaving can be done if hair needs to be removed between the sessions. Gentle exfoliation with a scrub is recommended to promote hair shedding between the sessions.
  8. Avoid retinoids on the target area of the skin for a week after the laser hair removal Delhi and Ludhiana as it may cause side effects or irritation on the skin after the treatment
  9. Avoid cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers, skin resurfacing, chemical peels, or other such procedures between the laser hair removal sessions. It is best to consult a skin doctor about the best time to get these if such treatments are needed.

  10. In case of any rash or blister, apply an antibiotic cream after consulting with your dermatologist. The patient must follow all the post-care instructions by a skin expert. Doctors at AAYNA have been performing laser hair treatments with great finesse and excellency.

Laser Hair Removal Delhi and Ludhiana, if done by an expert like the dermatologists and trained professionals at AAYNA, would cause only minor or no side effects. It is one of the safest and least irritating hair removal methods. Consult for a session

with AAYNA today for a safe and effective permanent hair removal treatment in Delhi and Ludhiana.



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